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 +====== How to: Search for Data Outside RIMMF ======
 +===== Quick Steps =====
 +==== Search ====
 +You can search for data outside RIMMF from anywhere in RIMMF (while you are in a record, in a template, or at the main menu).
 +  * Open the search menu: 
 +    * See [[details:searchandretrieval#invoking_the_interface|Invoking the Search Interface]] for details.
 +  * Enter a heading or other words to search 
 +    * If a term is already showing in the Terms box, delete it
 +    * Type your [[details:searchandretrieval#terms|search term]] in the Terms box
 +  * Choose your [[details:searchandretrieval#search_source|Search Source]]
 +  * Adjust the [[details:searchandretrieval#search_options|Search Options]] if necessary
 +  * Click the <Search> button; or Hit <Enter>
 +  If the search 'timesout' (404 Request aborted on timeout)
 +    then it means the source server is busy,
 +    try again.
 +==== View MARC ====
 +To [[details:searchandretrieval#view_marc|view a MARC record]] before importing it:
 +  * Select the heading for the record you wish to view and click the <View Marc> button; or
 +  * Double-click on the heading for the record
 +==== Import ====
 +If you decide to [[details:searchandretrieval#import|import a MARC record]] that you have found, into RIMMF:
 +    * Click <Import>
 +    * View the record
 +    * Click <Add record>
 +==== Edit ====
 +One you have imported and added the converted record to your RIMMF database, you can edit it in RIMMF, and link to and from it, as usual.
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