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 +====== How to: Search the Entity Index ======
 +  * [[menu:entityindex|Open the Entity Index]]
 +At the bottom of the Entity Index (aka the 'EI') you will see the search control, consisting of:
 +  - A text box (where you input the value to be searched)
 +  - An 'X' button (quick way to clear the text box)
 +  - A 'Search' button (executes your search), and
 +  - A drop-down arrow button (contains the search options)
 +To search, enter a word or words that you would like to use as a search
 +    * Hit <Enter>
 +    * Note the number of hits, e.g., 4 hits
 +    * Headings for records that match your search will be highlighted, but you may have to go up and down the page to see them all
 +To change the search options, click the drop-down arrow (as in the above screenshot).
 +  * Case sensitive is off if not checked
 +  * Search Composite key only: limit the search to the 'Composite Key' column of the EI
 +  * Search Identifiers only: limit the search to LCCNs, ISBNs, and other entity Identifiers
 +  * Search relationships only: limit the search to RDA relationships
 +  * Search CK + Identifiers (default): search the 'Composite Key' column of the EI and also search LCCNs, ISBNs, and other entity Identifiers
 +  * Search Element name or Id: assumes that the text to be searched is
 +      * a RIMMF Element Id (5 digits)
 +      * an RDA opaque element Id ('P' + 5 digits)
 +      * an RDA lexical element name in English
 +  * Search Whole Record: searches the entire contents of all records, with the following caveats:
 +      * if searching for an element label, the text should match the current selection in the [[details:languages|language options]]
 +      * if searching for a vocabulary value
 +         * the text entered may be either the uri or the label of the item (but again, the latter must match the current language choice)
 +         * Note: At present, the full text of the vocabulary value must be entered--therefore, searching 'established' will not match 'fully established' in Status of Identification (though it may match 'established' elsewhere in the record text). 
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