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 +====== Move a sub-element to another Element ======
 +In RIMMF, a "sub-element" is an element that has another non-root element as its immediate parent.
 +In the following snap
 +  * //Title proper// and //Other title information// are sub-elements of __Title__
 +  * //Place of publication//, //Publisher's name//, and //Date of publication// are sub-elements of __Publication statement__
 +The indentations used in the RIMMF interface supply a visual indicator of whether something is a sub-element or not.
 +The collapse/expand indicator (to the left of __Title__ and __Publication statement__) indicates whether an element has sub-elements. (If there are no sub-elements, then there is nothing to collapse or expand, and that indicator will not appear).
 +By default, RIMMF places a constraint on sub-elements. This means, we can't grab the //Publisher's name//, for example, and move it into the __Title__ group.
 +But sometimes we need to be free of this constraint. To do this, go to the **Options** menu and select **Remove element constraints**
 +Once that's been done, we are free to move sub-elements as needed.
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