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 +====== How to: Link to RDA Instructions ======
 +You must, of course have a subscription to the RDA Toolkit, in order for these links to work.
 +If the RDA Rule column is not showing:
 +  * follow the instructions at how to [[howto:changedisplay|Change the Columns that Display]] to show that column
 +If the RDA Rule column is showing:
 +  * click on the rule number for the element
 +  * the relevant RDA instruction will immediately show in a new window, and you will be able to navigate, as usual around the Toolkit 
 +  * If you have setup the Toolkit to log you in automatically, using an IP subscription, then you do not need to do anything to make the linking happen
 +  * If you have not setup the Toolkit to log you in automatically, using an IP subscription, we have added an option to save your username/password information for the RDA Toolkit, so that RIMMF can log you in whenever you click on a link to a RDA Rule. This option is located under the Main Menu | Options | Setup menu and is named [[settoolkitaccessmethod|Set Toolkit access method]].
 +  * Another setting that affects how the links to the rules works is found at the Main Menu | Options | [[menu:usebuiltinbrowser | Use built-in browser]]: 
 +    * If this box is checked, RIMMF will use its own browser to navigate the RDA Toolkit, otherwise it will use your default browser. The advantages of the RIMMF browser are that it is lightweight. The disadvantages are that it does not have any of the options that would be available in a mainstream browser
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