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 +====== How to: Import MARC ======
 +You can import MARC records to RIMMF in two ways:
 +  - Using the [[details:searchandretrieval|Search & Retrieve Tool <F3>]]
 +  - Dragging and dropping a single MARC record saved on your desktop or in a folder 
 +===== Drag and drop MARC to RIMMF =====
 +First you have to find the MARC record that you wish to import. You can go directly to your source of records, or you can use the [[details:searchandretrieval#links|Links]] button in the <F3> menu.
 +Once you have found your record, save it (either as Unicode or UTF-8) to somewhere where you can find it easily (e.g., your Desktop)
 +To import that record into RIMMF:
 +  * Find the record
 +  * Drag and drop the record onto the RIMMF Main form
 +    * a single record, or an Import R-Tree will appear, as appropriate
 +  * Click the down arrow by the <Import> button
 +    * Select <Selected records>
 +    * Click <OK> 
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