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 +====== How to: Enter a copyright or phonogram copyright symbol ======
 +To enter a copyright or phonogram symbol as part of the data in a record, position your cursor appropriately, and go to the appropriate instructions provided below:
 +  * [[menu:copyright_symbol | To enter a copyright symbol]]:
 +    * Choose Edit | Copyright symbol; or 
 +    * Press <Shift+F1>
 +  * [[menu:phonogram_symbol | To enter a phonogram copyright symbol]]:
 +    * Choose Edit | Phonogram symbol; or 
 +    * Press <Shift+F2>
 +Be aware that, the phonogram symbol will not display correctly in RIMMF at this time (this is because RIMMF doesn't yet support the display of unicode characters). However, the data that is entered using <Shift+F2> will display correctly in other programs that support unicode.
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