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 +====== How to: Delete an Element ======
 +===== Quick Steps =====
 +If you wish to delete an entire element and its contents from a record or a template:
 +  * Position your cursor anywhere in the row for the element that you wish to delete
 +  * Either:
 +    * Press function key <F11>
 +    * Right-click on the element options column for the element
 +      * Select <Delete>
 +This will delete the entire element and any sub-elements associated with it, along with any data. Be careful, there is no undo option in RIMMF.
 +If you wish to remove only the contents of the Text box of the element, use the '[[howto:deletetextcontents|Delete the entire contents of a Text box]]' option instead.
 +If you wish to remove a link to another record, you **must** use the '[[howto:deletelink|Delete a Link]]' option instead.
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