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 +====== Display/Hide Data Entry Instructions ======
 +We have added some helpful instructions about how you are to record the data for each element. 
 +The options are: 
 +  * Record--data for an element might come from a vocab list or might come from the resource but have to be entered in a specified format (e.g., numbers (1.8), and dates (1.9) or by following some other special instructions, e.g., to make a note)
 +  * Transcr--the data must be transcribed as given (as per the principle of representation (
 +  * Vocab--the data must come from a closed list of terms
 +  * Vocab+--the must come from a list of terms, but you can add to that list locally
 +  * Make: the data you provide is like a note (as in “Make a note”) i.e., use whatever wording seems good to you
 +===== Display these instructions =====
 +Follow the steps at [[howto:changedisplay|Change the Columns that Display]] to add this column of instructions to your display, and, if you wish, move the column to where you will find it most useful.
 +===== Hide these instructions =====
 +Follow the steps at [[howto:changedisplay|Change the Columns that Display]] to hide this column of instructions from your display.
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