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 +====== How to: Create New Person, Family, or Corporate Body Data for a Link ======
 +From a Work, Expression, Manifestation, or Item (WEMI) record, or Person, Family, or Corporate Body (PFC) record (as appropriate):
 +  * In the Text box of an appropriate relationship element: 
 +    * {{:r3snaps:howtolinkto_1.png?400|}}
 +  * Choose the appropriate 'Create new ...' option
 +  * Choose an appropriate template
 +  * Enter data as needed
 +  * RIMMF will make the link from the WEMI record to the PFC record, and will back-link from the PFC record to the WEMI record
 +  *  [[howto:addlinktorelatedentity|Add links]] to data for other related PFC entities, as needed
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