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 +====== How to: Change a Relationship Element label ======
 +If the Element Label for a relationship is not specific enough, or is too specific, or you just need to change it to a different one, you can simple choose a different label, as long as the replacement label is part of the same group as the existing label.
 +For example, 'Author' and 'Composer' are both sub-elements of 'Creator', so you can change 'Author' to 'Composer' or to 'Creator' or any of the other sub-elements of 'Creator'. But you cannot change 'Author' to 'Producer' because that is a sub-element of a different element: 'Other Person, Family, or Corporate Body Associated with a Work'.
 +===== Quick Steps =====
 +  * Click on the Element Label that you wish to change
 +  * Either:
 +    * Choose the label you want to use instead, from the pull-down list that displays
 +    * Type the label you want to use (as long as it is one on the pull-down list for the parent element)
 +    * Enter <F7> to see a structured list from which you can choose
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