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Quick Steps

In a record for an entity, if you determine that there is a need to link this entity data to data for another entity:

  • Find the appropriate relationship element, e.g.:
    • In a Work record, find the 'Expression of Work', or the 'Creator', or the 'Other Person, Family, or Corporate Body Associated with a Work', or the 'Related Work' element
    • In a Manifestation record, find the 'Exemplar of Manifestation', or the 'Expression Manifested', or the 'Related Manifestation' element, etc.
    • Etc.
  • Right-click on the text box for the 'RIMMF Identifier' sub-element
  • Either:
    • Link to an existing record:
      • Choose “Link to”
      • Find and select (click on) a matching description
    • Search for data outside RIMMF, import it, and link to it; or
    • Create and link to a new record:
      • Choose “Create new … ”
      • Choose an appropriate template
      • Enter the data that is appropriate to describe the new entity
      • Make any additional relationship links for the new entity
  • RIMMF automatically links the original entity record and the new entity record for you, through the RIMMF Identifiers for each record

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Detailed Steps

To link from a relationship element in one record to a related record:

  • Right-click on the text box for the appropriate 'RIMMF Identifier' sub-element

  • Choose “Link to” to see whether there is already a record you can link to

  • If there is a record you can link to, click on the 'heading' for that record, and the heading and the RID for the linked record will be inserted in the text box of the record you are in.

  • If the name you seek is not in the list:
  • If you cannot find any pre-existing date for your entity:
    • Choose an appropriate “Create new …” option

  • Choose an appropriate template and click <OK>

  • The RID for the newly created linked record is inserted in the text box of the original record
  • And, if the link is a two-way link, the RID for the original record is inserted in the appropriate text box in the newly created record
  • Enter the appropriate data elements for the new record.

Notes Links between FRBR Entity Groups are one way (from WEMI to PFC or COEP); so the RID from PFC or COEP records will be placed in WEMI records; but WEMI RIDs will not be placed in PFC or COEP records.

Links within FRBR Entity Groups are two way (between WEMI; between PFC; between COEP); so, e.g., the RID for a Work entity record will be placed in an Expression entity record at the same time that the RID for the Expression entity record will be placed in the Work entity record.

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