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 +====== PLP Match Rules ======
 +The Match Rules form is the heart of the PLP process.
 +The Match Rules define:
 +  * the primary keys that are searched in the database, 
 +  * the crosschecks that are run whenever two records match on a primary key, 
 +  * the preferences that are used to determine the best matching record when multiple records match and pass all the crosschecks, 
 +  * the special crosscheck options that are used to modify crosscheck behavior,
 +  * the redirection rules that are used to divert records that fail crosschecks from the XCFails file (and thus decrease the amount of human review that is needed), and
 +  * the synonym rules that are used to increase the number of matches by equivalencing slightly differing strings in phrases that occur in the MARC data and cause crosschecks to fail.
 +Configuring a set of match rules is described in the following sections:
 +1. [[plp:record matching|Record Matching Rules (Primary keys, Crosschecks, Preferences)]] \\
 +2. [[plp:xc opts|Crosscheck Options]] \\
 +3. [[plp:redirection|Redirection Rules]] \\
 +4. [[plp:synonyms|Synonyms]] \\
 +5. [[plp:exceptions|Special rules and exceptions]] \\
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