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 +====== X300A Crosscheck ======
 +We create a key from the first sequence of arabic numerals in the 300 $a; pagination enclosed in square brackets is discarded. By default, two numbers within /- 5 will match, unless the record is non-print (ie. cassettes, videorecordings), or the volume designation is given (eg.2 v.), in which case the two numbers must be exactly the same. 
 +A missing 300$a in either record does not fail the match.
 +The software does not rely upon the 300 $a for the SMD; instead, this element is extracted from the 007. 
 +The following note is found on the [[plp:crosschecks:xmtyp|XMTYP (007) crosscheck]] page:
 +  ... if both records lack an 007, then subfields $a, $b, and $c from 
 +  the 300 field in each record will be extracted, normalized, and compared 
 +  (as a single string). If this comparison fails, then this crosscheck fails.
 +Thus, it's somewhat important that XMTYP always be configured in the match rules.
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