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 +====== MCU: Adding information to the display ======
 +Most of the options that can be added to the basic MCU display are found under the 'View' menu, which looks like this:
 +The first option, Reset display (which can also be selected by pressing F12), puts the display into the basic, stripped-down Compare mode illustrated in some of our [[mcu:basic|introductory screenshots]].
 +Click on the items below for a description and screenshot of how the other View options work: 
 +  * [[mcu:view_options:topstatus|Top status bar]]
 +  * [[mcu:view_options:recordlabels|Record labels]]
 +  * [[mcu:view_options:prefbuttons|Preference indicators]]
 +  * [[mcu:view_options:mergebar|Merge/Edit button bar]]
 +  * [[mcu:view_options:navbar|Navigation bar]]
 +  * [[mcu:view_options:recordnumbers|Record numbers]]
 +  * [[mcu:view_options:actionlog|Action log]]
 +  * [[mcu:view_options:bottombar|Bottom status bar]]
 +  * [[mcu:view_options:matchinfo|Match Info panel]]
 +Note: when you are experimenting with the above options, keep in mind that it may be necessary to advance to the next group of records to fully activate the option. 
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