[Note: The comments and options here apply only to versions before 235]

This option applies when you are working on a file in Record-by-Record or Edit mode.

If this option is enabled, a text list of all titles in the current file will be generated; to view this list, click 'View Reports', then select the option 'Title List'. The title list (by default) consists of the record sequence number followed by the 245:


If a titlelist is created, it will be available under the View Reports menu.


The default appearance of the Title List can be modified to suit your needs. Say, for example, you want to add a control number (001, 010a, 035a, etc.) to the default titlelist. The customized Title List would then look like this:


To customize a Title List, follow these steps:

	default title list

The next time MARC Report starts, it will load this review and use it for your Title List. Of course, the more you know about MARC Review, the more sophisticated your Title List will be. For example, by using more tags, and by specifying subfields and restricting the length of each tag, you could design a Title List like the following:


––or delete the review entirely.

If indexing is cancelled in Record-by-Record mode, Title List creation is also cancelled.

Once you exit the session, the Title List will no longer be available.

When editing a file, the Title List reflects the state of the file when you opened it; it is not updated during the session (therefore, changed, deleted, and/or imported records will not be reflected in the Title List).

By the same token, you can open the Title List and modify it without affecting the contents of your MARC file in any way. You can also print it, rename the file, etc.

Since the default Title List displays only the 245, it will be of little use if working with non-bibliographic records; in that case, you will need to customize it as shown above (or disable the option).

Customized Title Lists should not be used with very large files (over 10,000 records) as they significantly slow down the opening of the file. Our tests indicate that, on a computer that takes 5 seconds to open a 30,000 record file without the Title List option, it will take the same computer 10 seconds to open the file using the default Title List, and about 35 seconds to open the file with a customized Title List.

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