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 +The export utility will export MARC records to MARC BREAKER format if that option is selected. 
 +Here is an example of a text record exported in this format:
 +=000  00000nam\\2200000\a\4500
 +=001  0123456789
 +=003  NjP
 +=005  19930422091534.7
 +=008  920806s1991\\\\nju\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\\eng\d
 +=020  \\$a0777000008
 +=040  \\$aNjP$cNjP
 +=100  1\$aSmith, John W.,$d1955-
 +=245  10$aPolitical tides in America /$cby John W. Smith III
 + ; with an introduction and commentary by Spencer Yarborough.
 +=260  \\$aCamden, NJ :$bTrendsetter Press$c1991.
 +=300  \\$a344 p. :$bill., maps ;$c26 cm.
 +=650  \7$aPolitical science$zUnited States.$2lcsh
 +=650  \7$aPopulism$zUnited States.$2lcsh
 +=700  1\$aYarborough, Spencer,$d1931-
 +Our implementation follows the specifications listed in the MARCMaker/MARCBreaker manual (http://www.loc.gov/marc/makrbrkr.html), with perhaps one slight exception: MARC Report does not 'break' the lines quite as short as the LC utility does (but they will always be 'broken' within approximately 70 characters).
 +MARC Report will recognize and load the MARC Breaker character set conversion file (marc21.txt) if it is present. This file should be located in the user's My Documents\MarcReport\Templates folder. A copy of this file is included with the program during installation; a backup copy can be found in the program directory under 'defaults/templates'.
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