MARC Review Cataloging Checks

All MARC Review cataloging checks are added to the 'Default' set, and all are enabled.

If you want to disable a MR cataloging check, create a new set (using 'Save Set As'), enter a descriptive name for the new set, and click 'Save'. Then set the 'Enabled' column to 'N' for the check(s) you want to disable.


At present, there is no way to delete an MR cataloging check.

To edit the captions in an MR Cataloging Check, you will have to go back to MARC Review, load the review that the cataloging check is based upon, and then go through the 'Save Review' dialog again.

Both of the above limitations will be resolved in version 2.33


We use the term 'Set' to refer to groups of decisions that you have saved about how MARC Report should operate. These sets are useful if you frequently work on files from different vendors or files of different types of records, and would like to configure the cataloging options accordingly.


When you are finished making changes, click the 'Save' button to save your changes; if you press the 'Cancel' button, the option will be restored to the state it was when you last opened it.


You can sort this table simply by clicking on any of the column titles. Clicking on the column title a second time, reverses the sort order.

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