Customize the location of the local folder (a.k.a. "Redirect")


By default, when the program first starts, MARC Report asks Windows 'Where is the user's My Documents folder?'

Based on the answer to that question, the program then creates a folder named 'MarcReport' that contains all settings and options that are designed to be customized by the user.

The default location of this 'MarcReport' folder varies quite alot depending on your windows environment; on my Windows7 workstation, it is


whereas in a large Windows network it might be something like


In nearly all cases, the default procedure works. However, there seems to be the rare case where it falls down, such as when the user's personal folder (Documents) is assigned by a network and the user is accessing that network both locally and remotely.

For a case like this, we have designed the following workaround which 'hard codes' the location of the local folder.

How to customize the local folder


  • These steps require Marc Report version 241 or higher
  • If using MARC Report 241, nota bene the exception in step 3 below
  • Steps #1-4 below requite Admin access in Windows


1. Go to the installation folder. The default installation folder is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\TMQ\MARC Report\

2. Make a new text file in the installation folder and name it:


Exception: on version 241 only, this text file must be named:


3. Open redirectIni.txt and add the following line


replacing PATH with the fully-qualified path to the folder where you want your local 'MarcReport' folder to be located. Do not include 'MarcReport' in this path; for example, if you want your local folder moved to an F: drive, enter “F:\” ; do not enter “F:\MarcReport\” .

4. Save the text file

The following steps do not need Admin privileges

5. Go to the folder that you entered as “PATH” in step #3 above. If that folder contains a subdirectory named MarcReport, rename that subdirectory to something else.

6. Start MARC Report (If you are using the email registration method, do not worry if the popup comes up as unregistered or as a trial version the first time).

7. Close the program. Go to the folder that you entered as “PATH” in the text file in step #3. This folder should now contain a subdirectory named 'MarcReport', and that folder should in turn contain a subdirectory named 'Options'.

If you are not using the email registration method, you may skip steps #7 and #8

8. Copy your registration.txt file (that we emailed to you when you registered the program) to the folder named 'MarcReport'

9. Start the program again to check that the registration is OK, then close the program.

10. You may now move any option files from a previous 'MarcReport' folder into your new 'Options' folder; but do not copy any files (apart from the registration file mentioned in step #7) into the 'MarcReport' folder itself.


If you connect to your work network on multiple devices, you should note that this workaround will not keep the MarcReport options in sync between your client devices–you will have to handle that manually.

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