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 +====== MARC Report 248: Problems resolved ======
 +* The following problems with diacritic functionality introduced in the last version (248) have been resolved:
 +  * The display order of diacritics was confusing--Fixed in 249.
 +  * The display labels for MARC-8 diacritics used unicode captions--Fixed in 249
 +  * Accessing the new unicode diacritic tool from the Options page might cause an A/V--Fixed in 249
 +* On the RDA page of the options, if the option named 'Capitalize $i phrase when adding to 7XX' was selected, there was a possibility that this behavior could be wrongly applied when adding terms (from other lists) to other fields--Fixed in 249.
 +* Two cataloging checks for 052 (Authorities) that crosschecked Indicator 1 (source specified in subfield $2) against subfield $2 (source of code) displayed erroneous messages--Fixed in 249.
 +* The Help page for the RDA Options was out-of-date (both the in-program help, and the wiki help for this functionality). Fixed in 249.
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