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 +====== MARC Report 2.46--Problems resolved ======
 +  * In addition to the support for a [[247:major_changes|new Excel-capable report type in Batch Mode]], we've also fixed a number of glitches in the traditional reports: 
 +    * Long note fields were being truncated--Fixed.
 +    * The 'Show Tag occurrences' option did not work in By Record mode--Fixed.
 +    * An existing MARC error file might be overwritten in a certain situation--Fixed.
 +  * The procedure to [[help:customize location of user folder|redirect the user's options folder]] became broken in 246. This is now fixed. Sorry!
 +  * The first time the program is run, one edge of the main window might appear underneath the taskbar--if the taskbar was positioned anywhere other than the bottom of the display. Fixed in 247.
 +  * The long note for a validation error sometimes displayed a generic message, instead of a list of valid values for the content designator being flagged--Fixed.
 +  * A cataloging check message about a missing 'Source of Title' note should have looked in both 500 and 588 for the note, instead of just in one field--Fixed.
 +  * Brief messages that were very near the length limit (40 characters) could not be cancelled, because the database definition for cancelled messages truncated this field at about 37 characters--Fixed.
 +  * The highlighting of the 'Leader' button on the fixed form was awkward and confusing--Fixed.
 +  * The Verify utility report included a list of 'Unused local tags' that simply listed all tags from 900-999. This has been removed. Note: if you need a list of tags used in a file (and anything else of that nature), please use the Marc Analysis utility.
 +  * The new catcheck for 020 lacking $q displayed only one error message--and always selected the first occurrence--regardless of how many 020's had the problem. Fixed in 247.
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