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 +====== MARC Report: Allow more than once instance ======
 +In version 240 we changed the way the program starts, and it will now, by default, allow only one instance to run((Some previous versions of the program were also configured in this way)). The purpose of this change was to improve some automation features that work better when only one instance is running.
 +But if you want to run multiple instances of the program, it is easy to get around this limitation. The only caveat is--//make sure you are never running more than one task on any given file at the same time//.
 +Here are the steps to support multiple instances:
 +  * Make sure MARC Report is not running
 +  * Find the shortcut that you use to start MARC Report. It might be an icon on your desktop, or an icon pinned to your taskbar.
 +  * Right-click on the shortcut and select **Properties**. On Windows 7 or 8, the first right-click will not show Properties; right-click a second time on the **MarcReport** icon in the sub-menu.
 +  * A form like the one below will appear; the number of tabs will vary by Windows version, but the form should always open on the **Shortcut** tab:
 +  * Click in the box called **Target** and goto the end of the text
 +  * After the closing quote, enter a blank space, followed by <code>--multipleInstance</code>
 +  * Check that your entry matches the screenshot above, and press **OK**
 +That's it. You will not have to do this again unless you delete the shortcut.
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