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 +====== Cataloging Check Message ID ======
 +Each cataloging check in MARC Report has a unique message ID. In the past, this field was hidden in the cataloging check editor, although it could be displayed in an edit session by right-clicking on the Notes window when a Brief message was selected.
 +We are making a couple of changes to help make this ID more accessible, as it allows very precise communication about a cataloging check.
 +First, in an Edit seesion, when a cataloging check is selected in the Brief Message list, the right-click action will now always display the Message ID at the bottom of the option list:
 +Second, when using the cataloging check editor, the Message ID column can now be shown/hidden using a new option in the Tools menu:
 +Note that by default cataloging check messages are sorted by Brief message; to sort them by another column (for example, by Message Id), click on the grey column header that contains the column caption; click again to reverse the sort.
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