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 +====== MARC Report 240: Program enhancements ======
 +The main objective of version 240 is to add new cataloging checks, and update some existing ones, to better accomodate the RDA/MARC records that are beginning to appear 'in the wild'.
 +This process is likely to continue for some time. 
 +In version 240, we have added several hundred new cataloging checks, and almost all of them deal with 260, 264, 300 and 336-338. 
 +We appreciate your feedback on how all of this works (or doesn't) on your end. If there is a problem, we will first try to supply you with as straightforward a solution as possible using the existing customization options; and then, of course, we will try to resolve the problem for the next version.
 +A complete list of changes between version 239 and version 240 is available [[240:ccs_changes|here]]
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