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 +====== MARC Report: Special key assignments ======
 +Here is the complete list of special key assignments as of version 240. These key assignments apply only to edit sessions. 
 +You may access this list whenever an edit session is running by pressing <Ctrl><Alt>K
 +**Commonly used keys**
 +  <Ctrl>D Insert MARC subfield delimiter at cursor
 +  <Ctrl><Del> Delete selected field
 +  <Alt>S Save changes to current record
 +  <Alt>U Undo changes to current record
 +  <Alt>D Mark current record for deletion
 +  <Alt>N Goto next record
 +  <Alt>P Goto previous record
 +**Function Keys**
 +  <F1> MARC Help for selected field
 +  <F2> Insert subfield '$a' at cursor
 +  <F3> Diacritic editor
 +  <F4> Bookmark/Un-bookmark current record
 +  <F5> Insert © at cursor position
 +  <F6> Add 006 to current record
 +  <F7> Add 007 to current record
 +  <F8> Copy current record to clipboard (Text format)
 +  <F9> Import record from clipboard
 +  <F10> Copy current record to file (MARC format)
 +  <F11> Make new record from template
 +  <F12> Save current record as template
 +**Search record** [the search text is entered in the 'Find Next' box]
 +  <Ctrl>F        Find text in record (Ignore case)
 +  <Ctrl><Alt>F   Find text in record (Case-sensitive)
 +**Record filtering**
 +  <Ctrl><Alt>B Create brief message filter
 +  <Ctrl><Alt>C Clear brief message filter
 +  <Ctrl><Alt>M Create 'MARC Review' filter
 +  <Ctrl><Alt>R Clear 'MARC Review' filter
 +  <Ctrl><Alt>T Create Titlelist filter
 +  <Ctrl><Alt>L Clear Titlelist filter
 +  <Ctrl><Alt>A Clear All filters
 +**Main menu**
 +  <Alt>F Open File menu
 +  <Alt>E Open Edit menu
 +  <Alt>V Open View menu
 +  <Alt>T Open Filter menu
 +  <Alt>O Open Options menu
 +  <Alt>R Open Reports menu
 +  <Alt>H Open Help menu
 +**<Ctrl><Alt>K** Show this list 
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