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 +**MARC Review cataloging check changes**
 +In 233, a few changes have been made to improve the new MARC Review cataloging checks module.
 +First, although it is possible in MARC Review to create a review using an 'X' tag (eg., 1XX, 65X, etc.), a few problems would result when saving such a review as a cataloging check.
 +First, on the 'Add Cataloging Check' form, the program would not allow the 'X' tag to be entered--it would insist on a three-digit numerical tag. This has been fixed in 233--'X' tags can now be entered on this form.
 +Second, even if one entered a numerical tag in the above scenario (in an attempt to workaround the limitation), the review would never trigger in MARC Report. This also has been fixed in 233--saved reviews using 'X' tags will now generate error messages in MARC Report.
 +Third, when clicking on a brief message in MARC Report that was generated by a MARC Review cataloging check, the cursor would always be placed on the first occurrence of the referenced tag in the MARC display. This has been fixed in 233; the cursor should now update to correct tag when clicking on an error message.
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