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 +**MARC Global forms error**
 +In the 233 release of MARC Global, it is possible to generate erroneous forms in the program by using the following sequence of events:
 +  * Start MARC Global and press 'Skip'
 +  * Select one of the task types and run the job
 +  * On the results page, select 'Run MARC Global on the results'
 +  * On the Start page, press 'Skip' again
 +  * Select another task and press 'Next'
 +At this point, the data entry form that is displayed will often be invalid (ie. it will not contain the expected options). 
 +This bug can be avoided by pressing 'Next' twice on the start-up screen, instead of using the 'Skip' shortcut (to bypass the 'Patterns' form). 
 +__To fix this problem__
 +Please follow these steps:
 +  - Download the following file: [[http://www.marcofquality.com/sft/mrt233-mglobal-patch.exe|mrt233-mglobal-patch.exe (1.3 MB)]]
 +  - When the download completes, double-click on the downloaded file
 +  - Follow the prompts on the screen to install the fix
 +As with any change to the \Program Files folder, these steps will require Adminstrative access in Windows.
 +This patch fixes only the problem described above.
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