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 +__Searching for special characters in MARC Review__
 +There is now an easier way to find all records with special characters, such as diacritics, using MARC Review. 
 +Start Marc Review, go to the Pattern form, and enter the following pattern:
 +If you run this review, it will match all records that have characters outside the normal ASCII range. 
 +This review is possible because MARC Review now supports regular expression ranges that include non-printing characters. The example above uses the hex numbers: {x7F} and {xFF}; you can also use decimal notation: {127} and {255}. 
 +At present (233 beta), this type of review is only possible for a whole record search (ie. a pattern where TAG='XXX').
 +If your records use MARC-8 encoding, you could refine this review to find all invalid characters:
 +  TAG=XXX 
 +  DATA= [{x01}-{x1A}{x1C}{x80}-{x87}{x8A}-{x8C}{x8F}{xAF}{xBB}{xBE}{xBF}{xC9}-{xDF}{xFC}{xFD}{xFF}] 
 +The character set specified above is simply the reverse of the MARC-8 characters listed as valid by LC: http://lcweb2.loc.gov/diglib/codetables/45.html
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