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 +**Current Issues**
 +  * Help links for 'LC Info' broken--[[dlc help links|Details]]
 +  * Problem with macros using Ctrl-F3 or Ctrl-F4--[[ctrl f3f4 macros|Details]]
 +  * Dublin Core display problem in F4--[[dc problem|Details]]
 +  * Cataloging Check option 'Check end-of-field punct' cannot be turned off--[[endpunct option|Details]]
 +  * Problem validating single-letter titles--[[oneletter title|Details]]
 +  * MARC Global form display problems--[[mg goback problems|Details]]
 +  * MARC Global problem with Delete Tags option--[[mg delete tags|Details]]
 +  * MARC Global memory leak in 'Change subfield order'--[[mg memory leak|Details]]
 +  * Batch mode not counting MARC errors--[[batchmode marc error|Details]]
 +  * Batch mode does not process complete file--[[batchmode exception|Details]]
 +  * Problem in the Sort utility if records contain carriage-returns--[[sort crlf problem|Details]]
 +  * Installer doesnt display default location during reinstallation--[[reinstall problem|Details]]
 +  * Export utility problem--[[export bug|Details]]
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