MARC Report/MARC Global Support (FAQ)


For more complete details on the questions mentioned below, plus a wealth of other documentation, tutorials, etc., please visit the program wiki:


What is the Current version of MARC Report/MARC Global?



I need H-E-L-P!

Send email to TMQ

Be sure to tell us the version of Windows you have, the version of MARC Report, and the steps to reproduce the problem (if applicable).


What version do I have?

The current version of MARC Report (and, therefore, MARC Global) is always displayed in the top left corner of the program. To find out in more detail what version of MARC Report you have:

*          start the program,

*          click ‘Help’ on the main menu,

*          and select ‘About’

The first line that appears will contain the detailed program version.


How Do I Download and Install MARC Report/MARC Global?

For detailed instructions on how to download and install MARC Report/MARC Global for the first time, click here.


How Do I Register?

For detailed instructions on how to register MARC Report and/or MARC Global, click here.


Is there an Update available?

Progam updates are available to registered users with current subscriptions. To find out if your version of MARC Report/MARC Global is up-to-date:

*                    start MARC Report on your computer,

*                    click ‘Help’ on the main menu,

*                    and select ‘MARC Report Update’

The web page that appears will tell you if your version of the program is up-to-date, and if it is not, a link to the Upgrade will appear.


Unless otherwise stated, program updates cumulate (for example, if you have version 2.15, you can update to 2.18 without going through 2.16 and 2.17).


What changes have been made?

To find out what changes have been made in a MARC Report/MARC Global Update(s), go to the link for the wiki listed at the top of this page.


Help! I Lost my Registration Key!

If you have lost your registration information, just send us an email.


I just got a new computer and …

For detailed instructions on how to make the switch, including how to copy your MARC Report/MARC Global options from one computer to another, click here.


The free trial extension key you sent me doesn’t work!

Please read the instructions for extending your trial period very carefully. They must be followed exactly. If the attempt to extend the 30-day trial for another 30 days does not work, there is, unfortunately, nothing that can be done.  You are of course free to download the software to another computer and start another 30-day trial.


How do I uninstall MARC Report/MARC Global?

If you need to uninstall MARC Report for any reason, follow these instructions.

*          Go to your Control Panel

*          select Add/Remove programs

*          select MARC Report

*          click Change/Remove

Be sure to exit the program before attempting to uninstall.