MARC Global Trial Version

The free trial version of MARC Global is exactly the same as the registered version except that it will expire after 30 days. 


Since MARC Global is only available as an utility of MARC Report, you will first need to download and install MARC Report in order to try MARC Global.


If you are already a MARC Report subscriber, please click here for information about how to try MARC Global.


To try MARC Global, of course, you will need a MARC file to experiment with.


When you are ready to purchase MARC Global, print out and complete the MARC Global Order Form, and send us a check or purchase order for the appropriate amount.  We will then email you a registration code which, when entered into the program, will change the trial version into a registered version.


Download Now

If you are familiar with installing software over the internet, click the ‘Download MARC Report’ button below. When your browser prompts you, click ‘Save’ or ‘OK’. When the download completes, doubleclick on the saved file to start the installation program.





*Win2000/XP note: Installation may need to be  run by a user with Administrative privileges


 If you have problems downloading or installing the program, please call us at 1-800-560-6272 and we will help you.


After Installation

Once you have installed MARC Report, start the program. This will activate the 30-day free trial period.


To start MARC Global, first select your MARC file from the File menu, then, under the Utilities menu, select MARC Global.


The first time you start MARC Global, you will be required to indicate your acceptance to a license agreement.


That’s it. Have fun.